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Steampunk Battle Bots

Each player takes turns selecting one of their own units to move up to 2 hexes in any direction or combination of directions. If the unit lands on a hex occupied by another unit then the loosing unit is taken off for the board. The winner between the two units is determined by using the rock, paper, scissor methodology.  (Android beats Dogdroid, Dogdroid beats SectoDriod, Sectodroid beats Android).

Each time the player moves a unit, the player will take away the amount of power that the player attempted to move. If a unit is taken off of the board during a players turn, then that player will roll a d20 and a d6 dice to determine what and where the loot will be placed on the board. Any unit can pickup and use the loot if moved to that hex. If a player has no more power and cannot move a unit, their turn is skipped. The game is over when only one player has any units left on the board or all players are at 0 power. If only one player has units on the board that player wins. If multiple players have units on the board then the player with the most units on the board wins.

Board Setup:

 Player Setup:

Loot chart:

1 - 1 power - player gains 1 power (no more than 20)

2 - 2 power - player gains 2 power (no more than 20)

3 - 3 power - player gains 3 power (n more than 20)

4 - Armor - Unit cannot be killed or moved (1 use then removed)

5 - Spiked Armor - Unit will win any battle (1 use then removed)

6 - Extra Unit - Player chooses any unit remaining from their units that have not been placed on the board yet. If the player has no remaining units nothing happens, but loot is still removed.

Full Rules:


        Each turn has 3 phases; Moving, Attacking, Loot.






If a player loses all of their units on the board, they are out of the the game.


Elimination - Only one player has any units left on the board. That player wins.

Out of Energy - No players can move any longer because every player is at 0 energy.