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Game Development Competition

I can remember sitting at my desk this time last year being extremely nervous because I was less than a week away from entering my first game development competition. I had left my job 4 weeks earlier and had just put my first game on the market. I had no clue what I was doing and I had no idea if I could even compete. The theme of the competition was “The Toys are Alive”. That’s all we had to go on.

I spent about 12 hrs a day for 5 days straight creating this game. The game ended up being about a 3rd as long as I wanted and by the middle of the 6th day I crashed and declared myself done even though I knew there were glaring technical issues, and I had one more day left, I just couldn’t work any more. By the end of the competition I had made a game –  “The Life Of Bear” (one judge called it “the life of a bear” and I was very upset).

I waited a couple of weeks for the adjudication. One judge, of which are game developers themselves, gave me 7th out of 30 contestants. One gave me 4th and one actually gave me 2nd. I ended up in 5th place. The one that gave me second seemed to look past the issues and say how he loved the story and puzzles, the one that gave me 7th rightfully pointed out the errors. However the important thing for me was that the issues they saw, I saw as well. I was not surprised by the comments and agreed. I just knew I didn’t have the experience that others had. I was the highest ranking (or second highest I cannot remember exactly) individual to enter. Those that beat me were a team and all had more experience than I. They indeed did deserve the win, but I still feel like the big winner because this game competition in 2014 launched what is now Aletheia Game Studios.

Next week I am entering it again. However this time I have a team! Matthew (one of my interns) and Rebecca (my niece) will be joining me. I am so excited that I get to enter into a competition with two of my earliest students. I don’t think there is anything better for a teacher than that. Win or lose I already feel like the big winner.

- Clint Fleetwood competition recap

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The results for the competition came in this past weekend and I was only one point away from placing. I got 6th out of 34 entries which I am ok with considering that I have only been in the business 3 months. I would have benefited from at least one additional team member.

Here are some of the positive comments from the Judges :

“Cut scenes are very well done, with the music and colour palette conveying emotion very clearly. In-game graphics are crisp and clear ..”

“The UI is very intuitive, and generally works well with the style of game”

“the cutscenes were very will done overall, and I quite enjoyed them(in fact i was so sad for the ending cutscene for awhile)”

“Theme was spot on, all the toys you encounter are alive, but your the only one they’ve ever seen that coule move, it’s an interesting twist to the idea of toys being alive.”

“Single dev programmer art? Deserves full points given the results.”

“This was a pretty decent game overall, but it started to drive me crazy thinking maybe the developer forgot to actually include a use for the first part of the puzzle. BUT HE DID, AND IT WAS A BRILLIANT USE!”

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Day 5/6/7 – It it Finished…

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This week is now over. My game is done. I have submitted it and now I wait. I’d like to take this time to thank some people.

1st my wife and 3 lovely kiddos for putting up with not actually seeing me this week. She was very supportive so thank you Anna.

2nd. To Becca and Reily for being my “BETA Testers” I hope that you two will continue to do that for your ol’ uncle.

3rd. to for putting on this competition. It had no entry fee and it has been a great experience.

4th. To all of the other contestants especially those who commented on this or’s forum. It has been encouraging to see all of your hard work and the encouragement that you have given me. I hope to do this again will all of you soon.

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Day 4 : I have an intro video

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I present to you my intro video! (plus about one second of the game at the end)

Other then this I have completely finished the gameplay. All of the graphics have been done but many need tweaking. I also need to add more dialog and move the sprites around when an item is being held.

So it looks like I will be able to submit a finished game by Sunday.


Day 3 : New Energy!

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Today was a day of graphic work. I did very little coding but I did a lot of graphic work. Early today I cut out even more of the game. I just am not going to be able to have more then one level. However because of this I’ve added several more elements to the one level and I think I will be able to add some flourish.

I’m going to try to do all of the graphics left tonight and hit it hard with coding Tomorrow.  Here are a few in game graphics. I’d love any feed back.

(Our Hero Bear trying to sneak by an gardener)

Screenshot from 2014-09-24 20:08:39

(Looking at the sandbox and tree)

Screenshot from 2014-09-24 20:10:12

(Being chased by a dog)

Screenshot from 2014-09-24 20:10:40


Well that is it for tonight.


Day 2 : Oh the headaches

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Phew.. I didn’t know this was going to be so difficult. I’m also regretting not teaming with somebody right about now. Well you live you learn.

While projecting how long this was going to take I’ve already cut out about 70% of the game so I hopefully will be able to finish. I hope the Judges enjoy all 15 minutes of the game. =).

Today I made level 1 work. By that I mean you can navigate through the level to accomplish all of the tasks to complete the level. So that a good thing. I also made about half of the graphics. As you can see below. (these are not to scale to each other)

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Day 1 : Thinking of Living Toys…

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I am about 6 hrs into the game development for the competition. If you didn’t catch my earler post, the theme is “The toys are alive”. Which is a pretty great theme in my mind.

I started with a suggestion that I read from somebody who does these competitions often. He said “Come up with 5 great ideas. Then toss all of them out”. So that is what I did last night and then started working on my gameplan. My game is going to be a top-down adventure style game. Think “The Legend of Zelda : A link to the past”. I’m using a framework called phaser. It is a HTML5 JS game engine. It is the story of a teddy bear who somehow ended up stuck outside, and out of love and concern for his boy owner, he wills himself to get up and start moving and struggles to find his way back to the boys room.

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14 is hosting a weeklong game development competition and I have officially entered! The competition starts September 22 and goes through the 29th. This is going to be a lot of fun and a very good opportunity to get my name out and feedback from other game developers. The theme of the game will not be announced until the competition begins.
I’ll be posting every day of the competition on the blog here.